Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Scopes 1,2,3 Totals 2021 Global Resale, LLC North America Operations​

ScopeScope all applicable from Mandatory SECR requirements2021 Energy Consumption kWh Global Resale – North America2021 GHG Emissions (tCO2e) Global Resale – North America2021 Intensity Ratio Energy Consumption of kWh/ employee
1.00​Scope 1 Direct Energy Use Totals​435.1​0.09​3.11​
2.00​Scope 2 Indirect Energy Use Totals​977,872.00​207.63​6,391.32​
3.00​Scope 3 Mandatory under SECR Totals​2,517.98​64.38​16.46​

The SECR Mandatory reporting requirements for non-listed entities has been reported.​

Scope 1 are emissions that a company makes directly, such as running boilers. Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions that a company makes, such as by buying electricity. Scope 3 emissions are emissions that an organisation is indirectly responsible for, up and down its supply chain, such as business travel.​

Scopes 1 and 2 have been reported, as has the SECR Mandatory Scope 3 and the conversion factors as set out in SECR GOVUK have used the latest Green House Gas Conversion and the Tables from conversion-factors-2021-full-set-advanced-users have been used.​

The following activities have been included in our calculation of our total energy consumption: Electricity; Gas; Business Travel Air and Road expense – derived from accounts records analysis. ​

HVAC Refrigerant gases have not been included as the small units we have in 2021 report year are well maintained and no leakages have been detected. ​

The company outsources logistics shipments by land sea and air, these have been excluded, as a permitted exemption under SECR rules for “non-listed” entities.​

We have excluded reporting of Non-Mandatory SECR GHG Emissions items in this SECR report. Our Electricity and Gas usage reflects real time billing metrics. ​

Operational purchases of materials and management of outbound waste is not included as this is not mandated for non listed entities under SECR as an for SECR Unquoted large company.​

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